Thursday, December 13, 2012

Measurement and Management: Contemporary concepts and Change management. All measurement is not management.

All management is measurement. More you do accurate measure, more you accurately manage. We have been doing management or a long time before the word management came in to field more in to the professional field, and in the fields of academics. Now all firms are things to take stock of themselves globally about the management practice that they do. Now taking a stock in management is measurement. Smart individuals, firms manage properly and perfectly, be it health related , Blood pressure, Blood sugar, Blood count , PSA count or regular go for heath checkups in the case of individuals. Similarly in the case of the firm they take a weekly budget, monthly targets, quarterly un-audited Balance sheet and P&L A/c., just to measure the health of the firm’s business activity. And at end of the financial year declare results which make all the stake holders happy. Even if we talk about the Stretched Goals or Targets(Pioneered by Jack Welch) which is a part of the change management, very much measurement is required. Make mistakes and measure the mistakes that you make, learn from the mistakes that you have made. Even if you want to” Fix it “you have to measure it masterly, be it in Organizational Development, Finance, Marketing, HRM, other facets of management and facets of management change strategy.

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