Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Leadership Impact and Change Management . Lessons From Sam Walton.

One of the most constant things in life is change. At the organisational level, change is normally associated with movement to a future profitable state, through some necessary transitional phases. Change in this regard is an essential opportunity for an organisation to reposition itself, in order to benefit from changes in the operating environment. Change management in this context becomes an act of transitioning individuals and teams in the organisation into a desired future state.
Sam Walton, the founder of Wal-Mart says” There’s absolutely no limit to what plain, ordinary people can accomplish if they are given the opportunity, encouragement and incentive to do their best”. Therefore, expose your team members to challenges and stand by them to ensure that they remain focused and motivated. Nothing changes in your organisation until your people change. Organisations as we know them are the people in them; if the people do not change, there is no organisational change.
Changes in technology and processes are effective only to the degree that these they are associated with changes in the mindsets of employees. This suggests that there is need for internal drivers of change within the organisation. 

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