Sunday, October 7, 2007

India the next destination for all global knowledge centric companies

India the next destination for the best talent hunting ground for all MNCs Consulting/Tech organizations.

Her demographic advantage and a good educational system will enable her to club her to the global economy and reap the benifits of the global economic exposure.

Consulting companies are flocking in to India for all the best talents available in India at
a dirt cheap price. Obviously things are looking up in India but a robust quality education system is needed in India, where slowly private players are also coming in
India .

Globalization has made the world smaller and there is talent (Knowledge Manpower scarcity) shortage round the world, and is going to increase by leaps and bound.
If India can maintain her education systems that will be great wealth for India and that will never deplete.

Here comes the serious question of quality control in the case of education. At no cost the standard of the education can be diluted and it should be kept per global standard.
It can be global hub for knowledge and in tomorrow’s knowledge driven economies
India can play a pivotal role.

Microsoft, Dell, Oracle, Accenture, PWC, IBM etc, all major global player in knowledge
centric business has chosen India to new their favored destination. in April 2007 has given this report about Accenture .

A great time ahead of India in knowledge business if she can manage the education system properly.

Debashish Brahma.

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