Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Question required to be asked by the management for it's peak performance

Intoday’s competitive world the business performance measurement has become a buzzword. In all the facets of managemts, HR, Sales & Marketing, Finance, R&D,
Production & Manufacturing has to be synchronies in such an excellent way that
the firm in a position to outsmart its competitors in the industry.

Business Strategist has been toying with new concepts and brilliant ideas to come out with excellent thoughts to cope up with this complex market scenario.

MBO, Benchmarking, Balance Score Cards, EVA are some effective tools by which every day business are trying to introspects and soul search in business activities for excellence.

Some of the so called above systems have been very effective and with the on line
(Internet & Intranet) systems remarkable achievement has been made.

Firms with Global operations employing in thousands have leveraged their operations
and have satisfied their stake holders in different ways.

As change in an inevitable part in today’s business process and all these process has to be taken into considerations or put in to practice by the management in order to achieve their
respective goals. Focus and canalizing forces has become an important component in today’s firm for performance excellence.

Please find this hyperlink http://pmn.net/library/refocus.html which gives an excellent
overview how present firms are working on these questions and answering these questions.
Debashish Brahma

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