Friday, October 12, 2007

Reinvertors of Management

If you go back to the prehistoric ages like the Stone Age, Iron Age, Copper Age all humanity tried and is still trying to tackle one thing i.e. SURVIVAL.
In the quest off survival against wild animals, enemies, climatic and natural calamities, catastrophic situations like epidemic disease even imperialism.
They have invented the defense mechanism with all their brains and master minds.

Management to Profitability Chain.

Management is Problem solving.
Problem is Survival.
Survival requires Strategy.
Strategy needs Administration.
Administration needs proper Planning.
Planning needs Execution.
Execution needs ability to Perform.
Performance needs Productivity.
Productivity leads to Profitability.

If you start from Alex The Great, Sun Tzu, Prof Blacket, Collin Powell all great generals were great Strategist, and all have done management in marshalling their resources and used them optimally in reaping the maximum benefits. Sandhurst and West Point academy may be the best management schools in the world apart from military academy. They have gone from Management to Profitability Chain.
Today’s Management Science to a great extent is indebted to Military Science.

Now take for example Medical Science, right from the discovery of Penicillin to Anti Cancer, Anti HIV, Repairing of damaged brain cell, it is matter of management to profitability chain. Back to back DNA structure has been adopted by many management experts in defining culture of a firm.
Today’s Management Science to a great extent is indebted to Biological Science..

If you take Engg Science, James Watt, Bill Gates to Larry Page, from Steam Engine to Nanotechnology all have gone through Management to Profitability Chain.
Today’s Management Science is indebted to Engg Science. They have enhanced productivity.

In the field of Economics from Adam Smith to Md Younis they have gone through the
Management to Profitability Chain. Economics is a part of Management science. Management can not ignore them.

In Politics, Gandhi, Mandela, Washington has all gone from Management to Profitability.
Management Science is indebted to all great political leaders like Mandela, Washington, Gandhi and many more as they showed us leadership.

Profitability does not mean only mean money but in greater term the profitability in a broader way can be used to the society as a whole freedom from poverty, decease, freedom from imperialism. I think the management science is universal, it is always getting rediscovered and reinvented in different ways. Every body is rediscovering and reinventing management in their own way and solving problems in their own ways and own problem ultimately leading to greater profitability.
Management is nobody’s monopoly, rather it is a dependent and adopting things from others.

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