Monday, October 22, 2007

Are Managers are afraid of giving responsibility to their juniours and making them leaders?

It is seen that in all organization employees are given Targets, be it in Sales, Production, Project Dead lines, etc and we are living in a result-oriented world and Quarterly Results are driving the firm's management mad.

If targets are not fulfilled the firms objectives will not be fulfilled and in turn it lands up in problems.

From Management's view point it is absolutely right no doubts about it.
But sometimes to get these targets the managers becomes Task Masters and in turn the relationship between the manager and subordinates get strained, the management all the employees including the managers are in a pressure cooker environment.

Instead of using the word like Task, Targets, why do they don't use the word
Do you agree Responsibility leads to Delegations?
Delegation leads to Empowerment.
When you empower a person he/she can unleash the latent potential that he has inside him.
Empowerment leads to Maturity.
Empowerment+ Maturity=Leadership
Leadership leads to Interprenuals activities.

Drucker said Leadership is the amount of Responsibility that you can carry on your shoulder not how many people reporting to you.
But in the real world of management it is seen that the manager’s always give Task leading to Targets.

It has been found 90% of the Managers gives task and targets and it toggles between task and targets instead of responsibility

Do you agree with me, and management can remove the word called task and targets and instead give responsibility, so in turn employee enjoys the work, it doesn’t become a pressure on him to perform. The employee enjoys the work and pro activeness starts, result automatically starts coming in.
1.Do you find the responsibility is a heavy word, which managers shy away from using because they are all great believers of McGregor’s X Theory?
2.Responsibility is a superset and Task and Targets are subsets of responsibility?
3.Do you think management/Managers wants to keep employees/subordinates as soldiers don’t want to promote them to Generals/Leaders, which lacks professional attitude?
Please give your views on this.

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