Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Responsibility Capability and Capacity and how to change the DNA of an organisation.

On my previous post there were some typical questions on building up responsible managers. Dilemma of a manager to use the words/actions like Task, Targets and Responsibility. How to make an individual more responsible where the targets can be automatically achieved.
There is an acute shortage of manager’s leave aside responsible. There is a whole lot of paradigm shift on the management scenario in recent years.
Change is becoming an integral part of business and goes hand in hand with the business.
The Human element in an organization is becoming very critical capital on whom the whole responsibility lies right from business goal setting and achieving the goals.
Here apart from responsibility of an individual Capability and Capacity also matters which is equally important.
Here is a Hyperlink from IBM Global Business Services on Capability, Capacity and Responsibility approach and restructuring the DNA of an organization.
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