Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Self Confidence ,Determination And Guts To Take Challenge.

On the other day I was posting a comment on Prof Tammy Erickson’s post on Harvard Business Online , the topic was “The Changing Value of College Degrees”

This is really very interesting topic and a debatable topic,
do you really require a College degree to be successful in your life?

There are two aspects of college degrees, one if you are a professional, where degrees is a mandatory like for example doctors, lawyers, auditors and certified accounts professionals.

The other side there are smart guys, who picks up things on his way and applies in business and becomes successful, these are smart people who can do
Out Of The Box Thinking apply the knowledge from the experience that he has gathered, he is learning everyday.

These people are self-learners; self-learning can only be possible if you are self-motivated.Mr Bill Gates, Mr Steve Jobs, Mr Mittal are institutions by themselves.

Cognitive learning matters the most.Self Confidence, determination and guts to take the challenges matters the most.
Many a times Executional Excellence scores more and required more than Academic Excellence. Especially it is seen in the case of entrepreneurs.

Rather you require a mix of both is required very much to be successful in professional life.
This gentleman dropped out from post grad management from IISWBM, Calcutta,to join his business and today he is a big name in the global steel business and really speaking he has made India proud.

Mr. L.N.Mittal is considered to be one of the most successful management
student from the Indian Institute Of Social Welfare and Business Management, Calcutta.

Yes, in the initial days of your career you require a degree to get an entry to a big corporate but in the long run you have to prove yourself and your executional excellence matters the most because it the value addition that you have to do for your employer.

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