Sunday, July 5, 2009

Amazon.Com's KINDLE : "A True Story Of Overcoming Marketing Myopia".’s KINDLE is a wonderful innovative product which can be carried any where and all the News Papers, Books and Multimedia enabled gadget which has created wonders in the world of publishing and electronic media technology.

Technological innovation and R&D works by on a continuous basis to solve the reader’s problem.

Enable the readers to read their favorite materials at an affordable price, with this wonderful gadget where they can store their favorite books and papers.

Overcoming the “Marketing Myopia” in Book Selling and Publishing business.

A gradual metamorphosis from book e-mart, to eBook sellers, to gadget, where eBooks and e-papers can be sold at ease.

Amazon.Com Strategy with KINDLE as follows:

(1) Become customer- and competitor-oriented throughout the organization and come out with thought provoking products and technology innovation.
(2) Setting a market command structure to integrate demand-side and supply-side options and kill all the future competitions and constantly updating versions.
(3) First Mover Advantage: Seizing the initiative from the competitors by exploiting the unique attributes of electronic publishing and distribution in a few seconds (takes 60 Seconds to download eBook) in KINDLE.A revolution in eBook distribution globally.

(4) Unique strategy in selecting a market segment and conducting penetration attacks by collaborating with world class Book Publishers and Newspaper houses.
(5) Develop new uses of e-publishing to combat the saturation and efficiency of existing uses, and conducting flank attacks and guerilla attacks in marketing strategy.

(6) Offer a menu of pricing options based on the differing needs of customer’s reading habits in separate market segments round the world.


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