Thursday, July 2, 2009

Nelikani's Social Engineering Strategy

Mr Nandan Nelikani’s thoughts about India and her future are very clear.
He categorically talked about the India’s biggest weakness the population explosion can be easily converted in to strength.

He referred this as demographic dividend; the best part is to make it happen is an enormous task with huge effort, with knowledge economy becoming the order of the day

India has a burden of nearly 229 million little boys and girls to be given primary and secondary education covering the age of 8 years to 19 years.

The biggest burden any country of India’s size is to send children to school for 10 years.

Mind it 10 years schooling is really a very difficult task spending time building up infrastructure getting quality teachers, motivation the teachers, and transferring the quality knowledge which can be applied for economic benefits adding to the GDP.

Otherwise the young demography is going to become a burden on India, proper allocation of money and channelizing the funds in a right way is the real challenge.
The very question comes what percentage of budget is getting allocated for basic and primary education.

Privatization of education is becoming a fad and I do really feel the need of public private participations. This is really required to make things happen, but not compromising the quality of primary and secondary education systems. The stringent quality control is required, before entering to the university the quality should be up to the mark. If the inputs are bad the out puts are bound to be bad.

Regarding Health Care , I think our Indian politicians have made blunders and are least bothered about the quality of health care specially it’s infrastructure.

Though in South India some like minded doctors like Dr. Venkataswamy , ( Arvind Eye Care), Dr Devi Shetty proactively worked and identified the future health problem in India’s ageing population .

Indeed these are absolutely stupendous task lying in front of the Indian Government.

The complete social engineering strategy is required for India,
we welcome Mr. NelikaniSocial engineering efforts.
Thanks Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to induct Mr. Nelikani
to make the database of India , Mr .Nelikani’s second innings
after Infosys.

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