Wednesday, December 23, 2009

OUT OF THE BOX THINKING:-II, It's no more Human Resource but Animal Resource

We have seen that horses and dogs are the men’s best
friends, in every civilization these two animals has
been used, in different ways to achieve the civilizations

In recent times also we have seen the most sophisticate
army of the world also maintains a Dog squad, and are
very effective in combating emergencies and different
types of assault.

I was working in a project with the Indian army in
telecommunication in the North Eastern regions of
India there are lot of insurgencies and the Indian
defense uses Monkey Mail, I along with one of my
Englishman counterpart ware taken a back. They said
Monkeys are back up support if the entire communication
medium fails, at the time of emergency, very hard to
believe but actually it’s true.

I recently came across a Website of a 3-4 Star
Hotel in India ‘THE LEMON TREE” basically in the
Class –I & II cities in India, of international

As in India there is a dearth of quality 3-4 start
budget hotels in India.

One very interesting feature of the management of
the hotel that they have a
“Management Team - Canines (K9)”.
Lemon Tree proudly says in its website” an “EQUAL OPPPERUNITY EMPLOYER.”

These Dogs are an integral part of the management team,
and they feature in the Hotel’s Website.

All these canines have positions and specified jobs,
(I mean job design and job description), the LEMON
pops ups in the website it say’s “FRESH IDEA ABOUT US”.

May be unique selling propositions, coupled with an out of
the box thinking strategy.
In the twenty first century we have to innovate HR processes
and in turn you may say it’s
Not HRM but ARM, after all we human beings are all animals,
Homo sapiens .

Still lot to come, we think many things so fast has been done,
not only we suffer from Marketing Myopia , but other Management
Myopia too.

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