Saturday, March 27, 2010

Coffee House -College Street, Calcutta.-Those were the days.

I incidentally got a picture of the famous
Coffee House in College Street, Calcutta.
Some good samaritan has uploaded this picture in the Flickers.

We used to hang around in our college days
and PG days.

Very nostalgic Calcutta, legacy of the
intellectuals in Calcutta.

Regular discussions about politics , economics,
culture and all those addas, may have got
the first lessons of Strategic Management
in this place.

Now the Coffee House, Kolkata's get up
has changed a lot, have seen the new pictures,
but have not visited for almost last
15 years almost.

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it really is a great "adda marar jayega".. and we get more emotional with what manna dey says "Coffee houser shei addata aaj ar nei..."