Friday, March 26, 2010

Focus Yug. Multitasking And The Multi Focus Is The Only Mantra To Success.

The Go Getting Attitude: It’s lacking.

This is a peculiar symptom that has been found in many executives that the burning desire is not there,they don’t want to give that extra hour to work and to make things happen.

But today we talk about the deliverables be it in software projects or planning a mega city or building a mega city or finishing a petrochemeical project in time and on time, upgrading the infrastructure at a very fast space. Every guy in business need an extra effort to ahead and makes things happen. I fully believe that “Nothing happens automatically, one must make things happen”.

Looking upwards and on wards is a continuous habit, many book by the American has been written about go getting attitude and inspirations to go ahead.
We have talked about the positive mental attitude and creating environment where one has to over come many obstacle which will come on his/her way.

As an IT professional I will say it’s the mental software that is important to reboot & tune it as and when required. The negative influence has to be overcome and willing to move forward.
The mental framework of fulfilling an objective must be in place first.

FocusYug: In the Hindu and Vedic mythology we always say it the time or Kal , Mahakal Yug. We at present living in the Kal Yug, in the corporate worlds if professional have to be successful must believe in FOCUS YUG.

Channelize all your time, energy, money and all resources to particular things to achieve success. There is a dichotomy between one job at a time or multitasking. Now with modern time management concepts and multitasking concepts the FOCUS YUG has become very important.

Multitasking and Multi focus , yaa, it's difficult task, at times one can get direction less and things can go hey-ware, and the project deadlines and other things can remain a distant dream with deadline failure and cost overrun.

Here comes the smartness of the executional executives.and his individual capacity to stay FOCUS and to achieve the task with executional excellence.

I have been a great fan of Prof.Ram Charan . Charan talked about Focus as a strategy that should be followed at every steps ..

Dr. Goldratt's in "The Goal" the man who pioneered the concepts TOC ( Theory Of Constraints)also talks about Focus stratefy.

So to achieve a Goal a focus is required.

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