Friday, March 26, 2010

"MBA's Are Not Delivering" What is going wrong with the MBA?RAM CHARAN's Shoe Shop Methodology.

There is a very common concern and question both in the mind of
the corporates and the students"Is it worth hiring an MBA or going
and doing an MBA?" respectively.

I think it hardly matters if you are an MBA or not, business is caught,
but management can be taught which can not always be utilized/practiced
in day to day running of business. In day to day business life unlike any
other numerical subject logic don’t work always. Particularly with the
management science thing are most unpredictable, though we use
large number of tools (analytics and statistical) still things fall in line
at times. No business situations are alike and unique all are different
and has got it’s own uniqueness and characteristics..

Last month I was conducting a workshop with a large Business Group
regarding some modern management practice. We talked about Productivity
and Performance, retraining the managers to deliver to their best.

During the last one and a half years with a bid global economic scenario
Corporate are skeptical about the performance and deliverable of the
MBA’s and the engineers too.

We talked about the stretched targets to identify constrains and
how over come the constraints. The situations and style of operations
varies from place to place, and executions matters the most, it’s
becoming very complicated and competitive, so it’s a continuous
re learning and unlearning and practicing and perfecting it’s style.

I don’t think copy book style and case study oriented approach is
very effective. I think practicing is more important than studying.
It’s a continuous journey of learning and practicing.

“England is a nation of shopkeepers” Napoleon Bonaparte.
Management Guru Prof. Ram Charan echoed in the
same waybut not with the Englishmen, but the basic
lesson that he learntfrom his own family business shoe
shop in Uttar Pradesh -India.

I like Ram Charan, his approach is very effective and hands on.

I was reading Prof. Tarun Khanna’s “Billions of Entrepreneurs”
it all starts from small and humble beginning of shop keeping,
the micro practice of day to day management can be easily
leveraged to macro level.
But the DNA get structured in the way the shop keepers work.
These shopkeeper are the incubators of tomorrows Ambani, Mittals.

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