Saturday, July 11, 2015

Great Leaders Who Have Changed The World.

This Afro American Great Leader was assassinated, but his contribution was extremely great in the history of civilized mankind's leadership and change management.

Great thought process coupled great courage can make and change things, and make things happen.

1.It was his conviction backed up by his "Courage and Self Leadership" capabilities which enabled him to look forward to the new humanity and freedom.

2.Continuous improvement in all spheres of life in very much needed, moving forward is the real challenge in life. These great people are ready to take up risk and stupendous challenges where other people will not dare to take it up.

3.Change is a must in man’s life, like gravitational pull people tends to go downwards instead of moving upward, rather they continue to remain in the same state and are complacent.

4.Great men move forward and like to drive change in the forward direction. They become Leaders in course on time.

5.Most of the cases we have found it are the conviction which matter the most.
In business, personal field continuous improvement is an integral part.


Change management and continuous improvement thinkers have always behaved in the similar fashion. 

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