Saturday, July 11, 2015

Successful People Who Become Change Leaders Vs Unsuccessful People Who Fail To Change

The great difference between Successful People & Unsuccessful People:

Successful People and Change Leaders Attributes Are as Follows:

1. They help people to succeed and make sure that can share their success with other and can change people.

2. They take responsibility for their failure,and they corrective actions  , learn from their failures.

3. They are continuously learning, and trying to a great believer of continuous improvement. 

4.They give compliment to others , give due respect to other people. They believe Respect->Responsibility->Results->Respect earned and becomes a leader.

Unsuccessful People attributes are as follows:

1.They will insult people and make sure other people fail in order to have their own success.

2.They blame other for their Failures.

3.They think they know everything.

4.They criticize other people with out any valid reasons.

We can learn a lot from our daily life and our attitude.

We can surely learn a lot from this.

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