Tuesday, August 4, 2015

It Now The Time For Digital Manufacturing Along With Digital Marketing.

The digital world is changing things very fast. 
The fastest computers will be coming very soon and deadline has been given. U.S.A,Russia, EEU,China, India are all in the race of making the fastest computers in the world. 
The number crunching ability of the processors  are  increasing by leaps and bounds.
Very recently President Obama has said that U.S.A. is targeting the fastest Super computer in the world.
It was Digital Marketing, now it is the time for Digital Manufacturing.  This digital transformation will change the whole  of the $10-trillion-plus global manufacturing sector will play out over a decade or more, pioneers are moving to drive bottom-line and top-line impact in the near term. 
CXO’s  are asking these questions as the transformation and change is going to happen very soon and the whole business ecosystem will change at a raid speed.

The CXO's are asking these questions as the change is knocking on the doors.

1.       How will digital disrupt my industry in the next five to ten years, and what new ecosystems will emerge?
2.      Where is the value for my company, and how can we maximize it?
3.      How close is the revolution to our factory doors and where should I make investments in infrastructure, cyber security, and partnerships?
4.      What new capabilities, skills, and mind-sets will we need in our organization? How will we identify, recruit, and retain the right new talent?
5.      What should we pilot now to start capturing this value?

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