Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Continuous Learning Helps To Change An Individual.

Learning is a continuous process, you need to move forward and continue to move forward at high speed.From childhood the learning starts and how fast you can learn and apply the learning in your life.

What is the definition of " Continuous Learning".

Continuous Learning reflects the notion that the pace of change in this modern age is such that an individual has to continually learn new things to keep up with the times, with a profession, or to be competent in any given job.
Research indicates that the half of what one learns, in university for example, is no longer relevant today. Technology change is causing this phenomenon across almost every occupational field.
Continuous Learning applies to organizations as a whole. Survival in today's competitive "global "markets requires companies to continuously improve by:
  • learning from past mistakes and successes (documenting "lessons learned")
  • Looking toward the future.
  • Creating "communities of practice" for learning rather than focusing solely on technical solutions. Many leading-edge companies have created "Chief Learning Officer (CLO)" positions to give CL greater attention at the executive table .Definition of continuous learning  

In today’s very competitive world, be it in any field one has to move forward and make change happen.

Agile and dynamic organizations put lot of emphasis on Knowledge Management and continuous learning, and make sure their organisational change happens.

Great men are always made their mental engine ready for learning. Michelangelo 

There is no age of learning.

" I'm still learning".

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